Knight of Exile Demo

Published on 21 March 2023 at 14:53

Time to Play Knight of Exile Demo. You take control of the main character Cormac as you fight your way through the kingdom of Olmur. I want to first talk about how fluid the fighting in this game is. When you are using the sword to defeat enemies it is done with such smooth motions and fluidity that keeps it interesting. I love being able to use the shield to deflect the bad guys right before they attack you, which is seen by an exclamation mark above their head right before they are going to lunge at you. Using a mix of the sword, shield and bow and arrow that you unlock is a fun time as you see the colors explode with every swing you take and defending strikes. The background of the levels as you are exploring kept my attention as you find your way through the map. The forest is bright and colorful, and the caves are lit by holes at the top or through the background.

Jumping, swinging, and rolling through these environments was a good time and I feel like I have not even scratched the surface of this game yet. You can find new weapons like the bow and upgrade your weapons along with finding secret areas that can be hiding treasure chests. One thing that I loved as well is when climbing up areas you use your sword to launch yourself up to the platform you are climbing on. It is a small detail in a big game that I enjoyed seeing as it just looks really cool. This 2D action platform game brings a lot of quests to complete and bosses to defeat while figuring out puzzles along the way. Knight of Exile brought me a lot of joy to play and is another game to add to your wish list on Steam like I did. If you like the era of knights and sword fighting and doing quests to save the kingdom this game is for you. Great work by DonXuglo Games. This game comes out soon and I can’t wait until it's Time to Play Knights of Exile again!

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