Tiny Thor Demo

Published on 16 March 2023 at 14:14

Tiny Thor is incredibly fun to play. The demo which is now out on Steam is something that me and my son had a great experience playing. This 2D game boasts an amazing colorful and wild ride of levels. It is a beautiful game and easy to get lost in the action, but in a good way. After being gifted Mjolnir by Odin, the hammer then leads the way for the rest of the game. It is the satisfaction of wielding this hammer and being able to throw it any which way with precision that is the most fun. Having the hammer bounce between walls and your enemies makes it feel like you are really Tiny Thor battling your way through the levels. Everything worked smooth and effortlessly as you jump and slide your way down paths to gems, even finding secret areas so keep your eye out! I love just how beautiful this game looks and along with the soundtrack it really all comes together. The game so far wasn’t super challenging that is until we got to the first boss level, which my son said was evil Groot. That boss fight was pretty hard, but fun for us to keep trying to beat. It kept us engaged and trying to hammer out the patter, literally, to beat this bad guy. I am new to computer games so I had a little trouble at first with controls, but it was still simple and easy to control. It was when I plugged in my PlayStation controller when the fun really started as it made it so much more familiar to control and play. I loved this demo and think the story and levels make you want to continue your journey as Tiny Thor. If you are a fan of mythology and 2D games, check out this game demo and wish list it on Steam! I for one can not wait to keep playing this game.

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