My name is Frankie Dicristofano, and this is going to be a blog post about games I try out. The goal, find new games that are fun to play and talk about them. Always open to opinions on what to try next!

Legendary Hoplite Demo

Time to Play Legendary Hoplite. This action RPG/Tower Defense game caught my attention right away. I am a big fan of the style of Greek mythology so I couldn’t wait to play this demo. The feeling of being Dio and having to stop the onslaught of your enemies was apparent immediately. You don’t want anyone to pass you and take you over. I don’t have much experience with Tower Defense style of games, so it took a little bit to get used to for me but if you have played games like that I am sure you will have no problems at all. I love the look of the whole game. It feels like a movie and the spears, shields and armor you can unlock as you play leaves me wanting to keep leveling up. As enemies get bigger and stronger as well as coming at you with more forces, it is necessary to evolve your players stats and items.

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MLB The Show 23

Time to Play MLB The Show 23. The game of baseball has always had a special place in my heart. Playing these games every year is something that I look forward to. This year is no different as San Diego Studios hit another home run with this release. The game is better than ever. This year the newly added story mode of the Negro Leagues brings a great way to introduce people of all ages to the unsung heroes of baseball. It is one of the most interesting ways to teach us about the players as you finish missions to unlock their cards, which lets you play as those players in diamond dynasty mode. It is a mode that I hope they continue to add to and refine for years to come because it will keep informing new generations of amazing moments and players in baseball history.

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World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Demo

Time to Play World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Demo. This is my first time playing a manager type game and it was getting more fun the more I got used to it. The fight nights were always exciting to watch as it is simulated by the choices you have made so every fight turns out to be different. Some were close and some were blowout KO’s. Training and learning new skills were a bit hard to get used to, but as I kept playing I think I got the hang of it. Story mode takes you through a manager and boxer starting to work together to rise the ranks and make money for the gym.

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Knight of Exile Demo

Time to Play Knight of Exile Demo. You take control of the main character Cormac as you fight your way through the kingdom of Olmur. I want to first talk about how fluid the fighting in this game is. When you are using the sword to defeat enemies it is done with such smooth motions and fluidity that keeps it interesting. I love being able to use the shield to deflect the bad guys right before they attack you, which is seen by an exclamation mark above their head right before they are going to lunge at you. Using a mix of the sword, shield and bow and arrow that you unlock is a fun time as you see the colors explode with every swing you take and defending strikes. The background of the levels as you are exploring kept my attention as you find your way through the map. The forest is bright and colorful, and the caves are lit by holes at the top or through the background.

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Tiny Thor Demo

Tiny Thor is incredibly fun to play. The demo which is now out on Steam is something that me and my son had a great experience playing. This 2D game boasts an amazing colorful and wild ride of levels. It is a beautiful game and easy to get lost in the action, but in a good way. After being gifted Mjolnir by Odin, the hammer then leads the way for the rest of the game. It is the satisfaction of wielding this hammer and being able to throw it any which way with precision that is the most fun. Having the hammer bounce between walls and your enemies makes it feel like you are really Tiny Thor battling your way through the levels. Everything worked smooth and effortlessly as you jump and slide your way down paths to gems, even finding secret areas so keep your eye out! I love just how beautiful this game looks and along with the soundtrack it really all comes together. The game so far wasn’t super challenging that is until we got to the first boss level, which my son said was evil Groot. That boss fight was pretty hard, but fun for us to keep trying to beat. It kept us engaged and trying to hammer out the patter, literally, to beat this bad guy. I am new to computer games so I had a little trouble at first with controls, but it was still simple and easy to control. It was when I plugged in my PlayStation controller when the fun really started as it made it so much more familiar to control and play. I loved this demo and think the story and levels make you want to continue your journey as Tiny Thor. If you are a fan of mythology and 2D games, check out this game demo and wish list it on Steam! I for one can not wait to keep playing this game.

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The Road to Recovery Demo

The first game I am trying out for my blog posts is a demo from Mind Over Matter Entertainment. It is called Road to Recovery A Personal 2D Adventure Game. The first thing that sticks out to me is the story. Battling addiction and dealing with life around addiction is a serious topic to take on. Starting off waking up after a bender of some sort you leave your apartment trying to figure out what has happened the night before. It is at this point where the background of the city and music come together as you are jumping around the level. I enjoyed seeing all the different sayings graffitied on the wall and thought that was a nice touch. The piano music that you hear while playing also sets the tone of the somber world you are in. 

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